Tartary Empire - Beyond The Fringe
Tartary Empire - Beyond The Fringe
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Our History Has Ben Re-written - Great Tartaria What Is It? - Mirrored From New Earth Channel

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Tartary Empire - Beyond The Fringe
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Missing history - YouTube



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Tartary Empire - Beyond The Fringe
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TARTARIA TABLETS, the oldest writing system in the world

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Tartary Empire - Beyond The Fringe
Unknown Guest


We have been lied to about our history.

Notice these cities are devoid of people.

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Tartary Empire - Beyond The Fringe
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Tartary Empire - Beyond The Fringe
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Great Tartary

[Image: niqNEXA.jpg]


Great data here....

Тhe name of the country - Russia, emerged from the other words - Scattering, which, in turn, was formed from the name of Russenia. Russenia was part of the ancient Slavic-Aryan Empire, which lay west Rhipaean (Ural) mountains.

Lands east of the Urals to the Pacific Ocean and further from Lukomorya (Russian North) to Central India bore the name of Earth Holy Race. Foreigners called this country in many ways.

One of the last foreign names known in Europe before the end of the eighteenth century, it was Great Tartary - the largest country in the world, as it says in the first edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in 1771.

Anyone can see this for yourself by looking at the modern reprint encyclopedia.

The main population of the empire were Slavs, for the most part - Russian. At the same time, resided on its territory, and many other nations who had equal rights with the general population. Something like this situation, and in modern Russia.

Name of Tartary no relation to the name of the Turkic tribes has not. When strangers ask the people of this country about who they are, the answer to them was, "We are the children Tarkh and Tara" - a brother and sister who were in ancient times the Slavs, the guardians of the Russian land.

These views have not unfounded(According to ancient beliefs): the fact that the man "came" to the Earth through the so-called Stargate about forty thousand years ago.

Among the settlers was a relatively small group of highly-humanoid creatures that are very close to modern man, forming a kind of caste, which the rest of the settlers called urs.

Urs had great opportunities that lay beyond the imagination of most of the "ordinary" people who did not belong to this caste.

Ury become teachers, mentors all others. They defended initially relatively small number of settlements "ordinary" people, both from the wild and from the "two-legged predators."

Ury taught and helped develop the original technology, passed the necessary knowledge and skills that will have to be sought only through the millennia.

Ury encrypted and transmitted them to maintain a special caste of keepers - the wise men, who, at the right time will have to pass the stored knowledge, carrying them through the millennia, preserving all that is possible.

For this purpose, the guardians - the wise men received two runic alphabet, each of which is used by the wise men of different levels of initiation - and da'Ariyskie h'Ariyskie letters.

The memory of the teachers Urach remained in words, for example, in the word culture, which means a system of moral and spiritual ideas that have been passed urami rusam their wards.

The presence of two castes of the ancient Slavs was manifested in the names that they were given the neighbors. Thus, most of its Asian neighbors called the inhabitants of the Slavonic-Aryan Empire urrusami, combining self-designation of these two castes into one. Until now, many Asian neighbors call the old Russian - urrusy.

At one time, the name of the Slavic tribes evolved from adding to the root of Russian-top boxes, reflecting the characteristics of these tribes, in relation to the rest of rusam, for example, ET'russki, P'russy.

The prefix before the floor is enlightened self-designation of the Rus Rus - carriers of high kult'ury, proof of which are preserved in the north of Italy, in the form of inscriptions on stones and works of art.

Slavic name of the Prussians, meaning a Perunova Russ, another self - Venedi (warlike tribes of the western Slavs), remained in the self territories occupied by them, until the nineteenth century, even after the German (Gothic) tribes seized the land in IX-X centuries AD

And destroyed the majority of the Prussians-Slavs assimilated the remnants of them in their midst, and took their name.

After that, the Prussians came to be called one of the Germanic tribes that lived on these lands, which played a key role in uniting the German tribes into a single state in the nineteenth century.

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/history/1...z5YpFOAf5k

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Tartary Empire - Beyond The Fringe
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Over the past millennia Slavs, self-designation of various Slavic tribes who had originally common culture and a common language, determined by different factors.

Prior to the disappearance of the levels, all the Slavic tribes had a middle name urrusy. After the disappearance of the levels, the functions they perform, internally split between their wards Russ.

This led to the formation of several castes: the caste of the Magi - the knowledge and tradition, caste of professional warriors, defending against external enemies, artisan castes, grain farmers and pastoralists. Above all these castes was tribal aristocracy.

Some time after the disappearance level, Russ puts your name obscheplemennomu a particular prefix that reflected their primary occupation (et'russki, p'russy).

Nomadic tribes of Slavs cattlemen began to call themselves Scots, farmers - meadows, forest dwellers - Drevlyane.

Later, there was a further separation of the Slavic tribes from each other, when, fleeing from hunger arising in Siberia during the recent cold snap, some Slavic birth left their homeland in search of new land for habitat.

Gone were taken birth in the form of self-names, the names of their leaders - princes. Rhoda, who left the Prince of Sarmatia, started calling themselves the Sarmatians, who left the Scythian prince - the Scythians.

Over time, the spin-off, the parent of Vedic culture, these Slavic tribes "overgrown" in the new lands of local culture, partly associated with the inclusion of elements of the cultures of the people with whom they lived side by side, or subdued, coming to the new land.

But it was not the other nations, it was all the same Slavs. And when, in the future, they are, for whatever reason, returned to their ancestral home, then again became a Russ.

It is for this reason that "historians" can not explain the complete disappearance of the same Sarmatians, Scythians.

They will not disappear, but just reunited with his older birth, took their family name at that time existed in the social laws.

They were, as a branch of the river Slavic tribe: branching off from the main "channel" and later re-merging with it, have made a fresh approach to the "waters of the old river bed," At that time, as a number of other "arms-tribes" forever leaving his "old mainstream "and, over time, of the" tribal sleeve "any new Slavic tribes, the new Slavic nations with greater or lesser differences in language, traditions and beliefs: the Serbs, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Croats, Czechs, Slovenes, Poles and many others .

But regardless of that, all these tribes, until the Middle Ages, remembered and knew their Slavic-Aryan Vedic empire that existed tens of thousands of years.

And it is - not the ignorant nonsense that suddenly took up history.

This is very much in evidence, and not in the form of "castles in the air," and the very real historical, archaeological and anthropological evidence, which had been ignored and silenced "historians" with diplomas and scientific degrees.

In the Southern Urals, near the village of Chandar in 1999 Chuvyrov professor discovered a stone slab on which was drawn a relief map of the West-Siberian region, made technologies unknown to modern science. Such a map can not be created today.

In addition to the natural landscape, this three-dimensional map for the creation of which, at a minimum, we need artificial satellites, the system shows two canals with a total length of twelve thousand kilometers wide by five meters, as well as twelve dams, 300-500 meters wide, long and ten kilometers and a depth of three kilometers.
Not far from the diamond-shaped channels site ...

On a stone slab were written signs caused hieroglyphic-syllabic script, which for some reason immediately attributed to the ancient Chinese language, which in the future is not completely confirmed.
We hammered the idea of primitive Slavs Slav so ingrained into the brains of Russian scientists that they did not even had the idea that the inscriptions in the Slavic-Aryan runes and, with the help of the latter, all the numerous inscriptions on the stone slab can be read.

And you do not have to go to the kingdom of Far Far Away, but only to compare with the runes of the Slavic-Aryan Vedas.

It is assumed that such plates was 348, which together, creating a three-dimensional world map.

Most of these plates is probably lost forever after the Romanov "spotters stories" in the early nineteenth century, "led" the newly acquired trans-Ural territory to the right of the Romanov Empire "standard."

Back in the archival documents of the eighteenth century is mentioned on more than two hundred of these stone slabs.

Romanov "spotters stories" - almost all foreigners, often speaking in Russian, - past, under pain of death, with his "whisk the Devil" by destroying any historical traces of the Slavic-Aryan empire.

But, sooner or later, the secret is revealed. Even what's left after this "broom" that could save Russian people, often risking their lives, and who did not want to put up with how destroyed the great past of the Russian people, even those crumbs more than enough to recover fairly accurate picture of the past Russia . And these "crumbs" is found more and more ...

At the end of the twentieth century became available to the general reader Slavic-Aryan Vedas, contain a lot of interesting information that modern science is just ignored. And for good reason.

These translated into modern Russian language unique manuscripts say that, before the last ice age, which was caused by the war between the Great Russenia and Antlaniey13 (Atlantis), which occurred more than thirteen thousand years ago, long distance moving through a planetary scale Wightman and by Vaitmar that could carry in her womb to 144 Wightman, traveled on the near and distant planets.

So, the mysterious rhombic area on a three-dimensional map of Western Siberia is, none other than the landing sites for these most Vaitmar and Wightman.

Vaitmar last left our Midgard-earth, about, about three and a half thousand years ago, when started, Night of Svarog ...
Another interesting document is the Book of Veles, the latest entries in it were made by the wise men of Novgorod in the late tenth century and has covered more than twenty thousand years of the history of Slavs.

It also speaks of the great cold snap which has arisen as a result of the disaster caused by falling debris Little Moon - Fatta, during the war between the mother country - Great Russenia and out-of-"parental care" province - Antlan (Atlantis).

Cold snap and climate change throughout Siberia and the Far East has forced a large number of ancient Slavs leave the metropolis and move to unoccupied and uninhabited areas of Europe, which led to a significant weakening of the metropolis itself.

And tried to take advantage of this southern neighbors - Arima, Arima residents, so in those ancient times rasichi called Ancient China.
The war was hard and uneven, but, nevertheless, the Great Russenia defeated ancient China - Arima.

This event took place 7511 years ago. The victory was so large and heavy that the Day of Creation (peace treaty) on September 22 on the Christian calendar, our ancestors chose the new turning point of reference in its history.

In this Slavic calendar now - the summer of the year 7511.

So, Russian history has more than seven and a half thousand years of a new era that followed the victory in a difficult war with ancient China. And the symbol of this victory was the Russian warrior with a spear piercing serpent, known at the present time, as St. George.

The meaning of this symbol has never explained, at least I have not come across any explanation of this sign in the "official" history. It was only after reading the Slavic-Aryan Vedas, everything fell into place.

Ancient China in the past was called not only to Arima, but also the country of the Great Dragon. Figurative name of the country of the Dragon survived for China so far.

In the Old Russian language called dragon serpent, in modern language, this word was transformed into the word snake.

Probably everyone remembers the Russian folk tale in which Prince Ivan wins alternately three-headed, shestiglavogo and finally devyatiglavogo Gorynych to release Vasilisa the Beautiful.
Each of Russian fairy tales ended with the line: "The Tale of a lie, but it hints, dashing good lesson." What lesson is this a fairy tale?

In it, a way of Vasilisa the Beautiful, hidden image of the Motherland. By Ivan Tsarevich - the collective image of the Russian heroes, liberating their country from enemies: Gorynych - Great Dragon - Arima troops, in other words, China.

This tale has immortalized the victory over China, which has become a symbol of a warrior with a spear piercing serpent-dragon. No matter how this character is called now, its essence remains the same - Great Victory Russian (Slavic) weapons of the enemy 7511 years ago.

But, unfortunately, this victory all together "forgotten." Men of Russian historical science, among them, an ethnic Russian, was practically not observed, "inform" us Slavs, we got out of their lairs at the turn of the ninth-tenth centuries and were so primitive that they even had their own statehood, and only the "enlightened "Europe has helped and" taught "how to live.

Learn something good - never a sin, but that is so, that is the question!

Recall that in the middle of the eleventh century of the Christian calendar, the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, Princess Anne became Queen of France.

Who came from the "wild" Kievan Rus' princess did not think that I came to the "enlightened" Europe and Paris perceived as a large village, which is documented in the form of her letters.

She brought with her to a remote province, which was then considered France, part of the library, some of the books from which returned to Russia only in the nineteenth century, once in the library Sulakadzaeva.

This man made the first translation of Veles Books in modern Russian language, which was a wooden plank applied with the runic letter.

Sulakadzaeva after death, his widow sold the majority of its libraries Romanov, then no one else on the books have not heard anything.

Only a small portion of his library into the hands of other collectors, including the Book of Veles, which Mirolyubov in 1942, took the photos.

In this book, written by the wise men, reflecting the history of the Slavic-Russian tribes who left their homeland in the Seven Rivers. The so-called seven Siberian rivers: Irij (Irtysh), Ob, Yenisei, Angara, Lena, Ishim and Tobol, in other words - Belovodye.

The content of this book is fully in line with the Slavic-Aryan Vedas and archaeological discoveries of recent decades, which completely rejects the "objections" of the "true" historians.

Actually, in a sense - they are "right."

The word story arose from the merger of two words - from The Torah, which means that - stories from the past of the Jewish people.

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/history/1...z5YpFomKdK

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Tartary Empire - Beyond The Fringe
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final part

Indeed, the Book of Veles in the history of the Jewish people is irrelevant, for the simple reason that the Book of Veles reflects past events of the Russian people.

But I personally do not see a problem, since it does not attempt to distort the history of the Jews or any other people. This book describes the past Slavs.

It turns out an interesting pattern: the Jews have the right to have their past, their history, all the others too, and we have - the Slavs, the past can not be, the more great.

And even pictures of 1942 declared forgeries, at the time, as most of the known "historical" documents, which is built on modern history, are only printed or hand-written copies of the Middle Ages.

The most interesting thing is that, after the removal of these copies, all without exception, the originals have disappeared, or burned in the fires of the Inquisition, as heretical books, or dying in the "casual" and not, fires, epidemics have passed through all the ancient libraries.

Almost simultaneously burned Alexandria, Etruscan, Rome, Athens, Tsar grad (Constantinople), the library, the library disappeared Yaroslav the Wise and Ivan the Terrible.

The originals are burned or disappear, while as much "timely" taken copies of them remain leleyno not declared heretical and on the basis of the written of thorium civilization.

And all this happens only in the Middle Ages, more precisely in the XV-XVII centuries in Europe. And for obvious reasons.

The capital of the Slavic-Aryan Empire, the city of Erie Asgard (Temple City) was destroyed by hordes Jungars in the summer of 7038 from the Creation (1530 on p. X).

This city is a giant stone pyramids, the city of the Magi, was vedunov richest treasury of knowledge that had been stored in a man-made underground caves beneath the pyramids.

He had no walls, but a very long time no enemy was not able to come close to this city.

The city was surrounded by an invisible energy protection, through which could not pass is not something that the enemy army, and even some people, if they have dirty thoughts or bad intentions.

With the beginning of the Night of Svarog, this protective field gradually weakened, due to objective reasons and, in the end, the Black Magicians managed using a very sneaky way to neutralize this energetic defense of the city just before the storm hordes Jungars, which prevented the Supreme Magi time to restore this protection.

Who broke into the magnificent temples and grand pyramids, hordes destroyed most of the Magi, burned or destroyed priceless repository of ancient manuscripts and books brought to Asgard Erie more of Daarija.

Fortunately, not all were killed in these repositories, as the most valuable is always stored in special underground vaults, hidden deep underground.

The word "cave" was originally, before the merger, consisted of two words - Food Ra, which meant the spiritual food that meets modern interpretation of the library - the book store.

The fact is that in natural or artificial cavities naturally arose climate with constant temperature, humidity and pressure, making it ideal as a place to store books, manuscripts, manuscripts, many of which were made from the finest leather, painted on wooden boards and etc.

So, I want to believe that in the near future, these books will be moved out of these underground storage facilities and to shed light on the many mysteries of the past.
But ... as long as it has not happened yet, let's continue to look for nuggets of truth from what is already in our hands ...

After the destruction of the temple town of Erie hordes of Asgard Jungars, with "some" help the Black Mage, one psy-field Empire, supported by the Higher Magi with the pyramids, has weakened considerably.

This attenuation was manifested particularly strongly in the outlying provinces of the empire, especially in Europe.

As a result, the rulers of the provinces, although they were the titles of kings and dukes and governors were appointed, rebelled and declared themselves sovereign (independent) from the power of the empire.

The Empire has lost its former power, which has been four centuries ago, when the first attempt was made to separate the outlying provinces of the mother country.

Only with the destruction of Asgard Erie, at the second attempt, they did it in the former provinces began the destruction of any trace, testified about the relationship with the former metropolis.

Destroyed the old book, written new, revised, so that in the new "stories" did not mention the Slavic-Aryan empire.
The period of history to the X century in Europe was declared the Dark, barbarous ages, in which the light of enlightenment brought the culture of the Holy Roman Empire.

But, nevertheless, the majority of the Slavic-Aryan Empire, albeit split into several large fragments, after the separation of the Western European provinces, nevertheless, retained the basic Vedic traditions of their ancestors.

Skillfully manipulating the pro-Western factions among the aristocracy of another fragment Empire - Moscow Russia, the eastern boundary of which took place on the river Volga (original Slavic name of this river RA), and organizing the Time of Troubles in the Imperial Remnant, and physically destroying the old Rurik dynasty, the Moscow throne planted Romanov, who originally occupied the pro-Western stance.

The Romanovs, the existing old tradition, had no right to the throne. They got that throne from the hands of Western politicians, in exchange for a "small" services.

What are these "small" services? Let's take a little "shake well" old days.
In the first place, even before the ascent to the throne, were straining to power the Romanovs thoroughly walked "broom" for the very elite, which, unfortunately for "closing" the road to the Moscow throne, because of its more noble origin, or because of loyalty to the traditions of his people .

Having done the dirty work by proxy, all "dogs" were hanged on Ivan the Terrible with his henchmen are, in fact, it has not had any relationship.

But who will challenge when you are your own God and King. All those who tried to leave their heads on the chopping block.

Already during the first Romanovs occur very interesting things.
Held religious reform by Patriarch Nikon in the years 7161-7164 from the SM (1653-1656 years on p.'s.), After which, the most Nikon quick "slide in" the shadows, forcing to give up on the next Ecumenical Council of the patriarchate.

"Moor" has done his job, "the Moor" can leave. What business did another "Moor" - Patriarch Nikon, after the execution of which he "left"?

The fact is that Christianity has been to Nikon faithful and, although it was the state religion, the majority of the Russian people was perceived more as an inevitable necessity than a need, in view of the fact that it was contrary to the spirit of the Russian people.

At that time people were living according to the norms of Orthodoxy - the system of ideas and norms of life Slavic Vedism based on the wisdom of thousands of years for which the Slavs - descendants of the heavenly and grandchildren boga grant me - did not fit the dogma of Christianity that turn people into slaves of God who are in the destined to meekly accept all the sufferings and hardships as trials in the atonement of sins.

Never mind that every baby has not had sin, no matter how "tried"! To still break the Russian soul, and was carried out this reform, diversion, unfortunately did not last ...

Christianity became known as the Orthodox Slavs to please the ears, making a number of rituals in the ancient Orthodox Christianity, while maintaining, at the same time, servile nature of Christianity itself.

After saving tool for retaining the majority of slaves under the rule of a minority of slaveholders in the slave-holding countries and empires.
Almost at the same time, in the summer of 7190 by SM (In 1682 AD), under Tsar Fyodor Alexeyevich Romanov (It's in the story (but actually reversed localism Ivan IV Vasilyevich, and add that with his power nebilo slaves in Russia., The people were free, but that's another story))in Russia was canceled localism.

In this case, all the books were burned, which had to do with it, including the famous Discharge of a book containing the history of public appointments in Russia over the past two centuries.

Family trees were destroyed and Books, traces the genealogy noble family empire. Instead, he wrote a new genealogy book - The Velvet book, in which "everything was wrong", but the question - who should be and why.

Already at Peter Alexeyevich Romanov, better known as Peter I, was another major grand diversion.

By abolishing the patriarchate, subjecting the Christian church to the state, effectively becoming its leader, Peter I, in the summer of 7208 , introduced in the lands of Muscovy Christian calendar.

One wave of his pen, in the truest sense of the word, the summer of 7208, at the request of Peter, turned into 1700 AD

In this way, by the hands of Peter I, was stolen from Russian 5508 years of history, after the creation of (conclusion) of the world between the Slavic-Aryan Empire and ancient China, as well as many thousands of years before the peace treaty.

And that was just the beginning ...

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/history/1...z5YpHE3rv8
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Tartary Empire - Beyond The Fringe
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Tartary Empire - Beyond The Fringe
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